After some ten days or so totally filled with mind-occupying work, it’s now wonderful with some empty space, silence and solitude – being able to catch up with myself.

I’ve done a bunch of posters, an add for a newspaper and an eight-pages brochure including the church’s calender for the next three months, pictures, texts and other various information. And I was really happy when the result gave me more positive credit than I could ever had hoped for.

I thank God I’ve got this opportunity! This work, these daily tasks – this life!
Right now I may be tired and longing for the secret empty room in my head – preferable for a couple of days – but I’m also very filled with joy and gratefulness.

Actually! When I saw my photo which became the base for the picture above, a felt very comfortable with the empty space, the straight lines and the distinctive shadows.

I hope you’ll like the picture as well.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge
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