I did it!

At first, when I saw this weeks photo challenge, I thought I’ve never made any achievements. I don’t have any fancy well-paid work, hence I’m pretty poor. I’ve never run a marathon, can’t play anything which involves a ball, don’t like big parties, shopping clothes or shoes…
Can’t even sit properly on a chair or in a sofa…

I’ve failed a lot during life. Also in love it seems, since I live alone. I am dull, too quiet or too talkative. I’m boring – a goofy nerd, I guess…
et cetera et cetera.

But… okay… I’m quite harmless and friendly (at least I think so) and to my own surprise there seems to be persons who actually like me! ????
But achieved anything?
I couldn’t think of – – – nada…..

But… now wait! I might be a bit too hard on myself here. And God keeps telling me through various channels that I must stop deminishing myself.
So stop diminishing yourself, Ninna!

I came to think of my skills in writing… in handling my language, Swedish – grammar, literary composition, “feeling”, to say a lot with few words…
I love doing that.
I also came to think of my pictures… yeah….
I love doing that too…

So wha’de’heck! Who cares if I’m not rich and famous and have done it all! I’m me!!!! With the personal qualities I have! And I pretty much like myself. (nowadays…)
And that´s an achievement!

Today at work I made this image to an ad-poster for a violoncello-quartet concert.
(Without the water-mark! Naturellement!)
Well I made the poster too, of course, and I’m very proud of that.
I also made the poster for the up-coming sundays sermon.
I’m proud of that too.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

17 thoughts on “I did it!”

    1. Thank you, Raewyn! You are quite right. I shouldn’t. But sometimes that’s easy to say but not as easy to do. Rather: stop doing.


  1. We certainly can talk ourselves into the “you’re worthless” funk, can’t we ?!?

    I can think of all kinds of ways you’ve enriched my life and lifted my spirits by being you. There’s no more meaningful accomplishment than positively touching other people’s lives.

    Bi-lingual, photograpfer extraordinaire, poet, cook, humorist, blogger, lover of the arts, muser, need I go on?

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    1. Oh gosh!!!! Am I all that!!!!! Thank you Sammy! All comments I’ve got during the last hours really picks me up!

      But for sure it’s easy to feel “the worst being on earth”!
      Especially if you’re not feeling well in some way.
      My bathroom have broken pipes under the floor and mold added to that. So for one entire year I’ve felt more and more tired and ill until this was discovered.
      Now they have started to fix that, and I’ve lived at a friends house for the last 5-6 weeks and are slowly regaining some health and energy.

      Such things really puts you down. Poisonous air…

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        1. So am I! And I’ve finally decided (I think) to let them not only fix the damage but also make a real renovation of the bathroom. More modern and nice.
          Why is it so hard to make those kind of decicions? (Because it will increase the monthly rent afterwards)

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  2. Du är riktigt duktig på det här med bilder! Och ingen kan vara bra på allt, jag kan inte heller sitta ordentligt på en stol 🙂


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