In exile – or not…

No home… No internet… No… tangentbord
Did I scare you? Don’t be
I have a home, I just can’t live there right now…
And I have Internet at work…
But no idea what will happen next.

It smelled! And I felt more and more sick. I blamed common cold. I blamed allergies. I blamed myself. For eating things that wasn’t good for me. But couldn’t understand what that would be. I blamed old pillows and bought new ones. And experienced more and more headaches, irritated eyes, fatigue… Et cetera…

An investigation made clear there’s a leakage in my bathroom. In the old plumbings.
Severe moist is flooding the walls. High levels of dampness, he said, the expert with the  measuring instrument. Most probably mould as well.
And an awful stench from the sewer in the kitchen was surely connected to this dilemma.

And I’ve been living here for a whole year now. No wonder I’m not feeling well.

Today! In a couple of hours, a man is coming to see the best way to work this out. And soon – on monday I hope – the company will start to decontaminate my bathroom. Fix the fractured plumbings and dry up all the nasty wetness.  How big this work will be, we won’t  know until they’ve started digging.

“You come and stay here meanwhile”, my best friend said before I even had the time to ask.
So yesterday I moved in with her. Though I need to fetch more of my things because this decontamination will take at least 6-8 weeks. I can’t help thinking: how will I cope! Without my habits and my hours alone! Without my own space!

But I’ll have my Mac and my pictures, my movies on the external hard drive, and books – and I’ve been given a room of my own.
It can be doable.

Is this a sign of something? And if that is the case, of what? It will be interesting to see what becomes of this.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs
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