Looking through a rainy window…

… and I can see a gray and rainy day, become all colorful and gay.


This picture I took last sunday when I left Stockholm to go home again after my visit there. Rain and thunder were foliowing me on the road tracks, and I hope I’ll soon be able to visit Stockholm again. And that time without a knee in pain…


14 thoughts on “Looking through a rainy window…”

      1. yeah – so cool – and it was also fun to see someone use the word “gay” for happy because it seems that fifty years ago this was the only way it was translated – but nowadays it seems to only mean homosexual to so many people – so I liked how you used this simple word and the rhyming scheme you used is exactly what the art ninja does…
        she sees “a gray and rainy day” and then tweaks it to “become all colorful and gay.”


        1. I guess I must have learnt that fifty years ago then! HAHAHA! O_o
          Well! When a language isn’t ones natural one, one don’t follow the trends or changes in the same way!
          But I do know that it also means a homosexual person.
          And it rhymes on “day”…
          Thank you, Yvette! XD


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