Stockholm; the main railway station – sort of…


I’ve been visiting my youngest daughter and her family over the weekend. I went by train which took a couple of hours. (Understatement)
I twisted my right knee a fortnight ago, it had healed pretty well, but all the hours of sitting – or maybe I sat stupidly some of the time without actually noticing it – when arriving  I could hardly walk nor stand on my right leg. Not quite what I wanted for this weekend.

I couldn’t have found my way through it by myself. But my daughter picked me up, and the way through the station was a misch-masch of elevators, up and down, people, corridors, halls, people, stairs, lifts, elevators, people, people, people, small lifts, crowded hallways, the pain in the knee, people, sweaty fleece jacket, sweaty t-shirt, people, sweaty hair, more people… the baby boy, Leo, crying almost the entire time…
Thank God my daughter  calmly guided the way…

So! Somehow I managed to the sub, the ten minutes standing up in the wagon, and the walk from the subway station to their apartment. We walked slowly, and I made it. But after that – nothing more.
We should have been taking walks, been visiting “Fotografiska”. A Photografic museum/exhibition-hall which is wonderful and have many well-known photographers showing their works. Last time I was there, I could enjoy the works of Annie Leibowitz. Now there’s a photographer called Anders Petersen showing his works. (If you, when  you, visit this site; click up the meny and you can get it in english). 

But none of that became as we had expected. We didn’t visit anything, I couldn’t stand or walk (fairly) properly until next afternoon, but we still had a wonderful time talking and talking, and off course! – kissing and hugging and taking care of their 7,5 months old baby boy! My wonderful grand child! (Nope! No pictures!)

About this picture – it shows just a tiny fraction of the station… and the amount of people…
I took this sunday afternoon when I was heading for home:

Less people then, but it was also a bit too dark…
not particular dawn, rather a lot of dusk…

And now, today, I still “feel” my knee. But I can stand on it, and I can walk – but have to be a bit extra careful when doing it.

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