This is my new bike.
I have a new bike, you know. Since beginning of april.
I bought it for some of the money I got when I sold my car.

I’m very reluctant (read afraid) to use it.
Never before used it while biking to town, to work or anywhere else where I would have to lock it and leave it.
Only been biking a couple of tours with the new one. I loved that!

I’m afraid someone would steal the new one, you see!
I couldn’t care less if anyone would steal the old one.
Other than I would like to keep the locks… preferably…

Extra locks on the new bike are essential…
Three times the security…
Quadrupled safety…

The old bike… 

Weekly Photo Challenge: fray – afraid


22 thoughts on “Full security

    1. Oh yes! Bicycles aren’t safe at all! and I’m dependent on having one. What if!!!
      It’s hard to just throw the old away. I have to decide and then do it. Go out on the limb…. tough choice…


    1. Thank you!
      No, I neither want nor can. When I make my pictures I do just that, following the inspiration and my feelings. I don’t take notes of how or what filters et cetera I use. If I did that I would loose myself and no pictures would be done!


  1. Years ago, while living in Queens, NY, I, naive person that I was and on top of that a clueless teenager, left my brand new bike outside a supermarket. I came back minutes later and it was gone. Yes, I was devastated since I was so excited about my new bike, but that taught me, the hard way, to be more cautious. Good for you, lock your bike.


    1. Thank goodness I’ve never got a bike stolen from me. But where I live now, and it’s not in the middle of the city, bicycles standing close to mine have been stolen.


  2. I just left my bike in the NL and I am very sad. I wish you many adventures on your new bike with triple locks!


      1. I have a better one in the States but my NL bike took me 1000’s of kilometers…of joy


        1. You kind o’ live in two places…….. >:D

          I miss biking long tours…
          And these last weeks not even 15-20 km. Just short ones. 😦

          Yes! Biking is joy, especially in beautiful nature!


          1. Maybe some other time. (I’m looking for a suitable english expression here…)
            When the time is due, I think one says. What is meant to be, will be. In due course.


          2. Once I dreamt of being a writer. And I did write a lot too! And am good at it! But things happens and life changes and now I make more and more design. Photos, pictures, logos, flyers, presentation cards, layouts… even home pages occasionally
            Is that what I’m supposed to do in life? (I’d surely prefer the picture-thing)
            (The question is rhetorical. I don’t expect you to be able to answer.)


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