The bridge

A minute or two, it’s still summer!
I bet the city library never will be promoted from this angel by the city council or tourist department…
Young, older, oldest… or something. Time crash…

I started this post with the last picture. At first I had in mind to crop it, just leaving the modern man, the old tower, the new buildings and the everlasting tree.
Then I realized, became aware of the bridge. How it seemingly have trees growing on it. And the woman with the pram. It kind of said something more. What, is up to the beholder to interpret…

Then I couldn’t resist add some more pictures today, even though I usually only post one at a time.

Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette 


12 thoughts on “The bridge

  1. Lovely images, Ninna. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the pingback! 🙂


  3. The last picture indeed has a lot to offer to an observing eye. Mine caught contrasts, too – the old dark-orange tower and a new bright orange building. Although, I think it’s the background – those wonderful heavy clouds – that highlights all the other elements of the setting.


    1. Thank you! Contrast really enhances items you want to highlight.
      In real life I’m sooooo bored with dark clouds… and rain….


      1. Ninna, is there a way to swap places?! For a couple weeks? I long for rain!! It hardly ever rains here in Las Vegas… Guess, we people are never satisfied with what we have 🙂


        1. I would love to swap places for a while. But not mostly because of the weather. 😉

          But this here isn’t just rain. It’s rain like showers, real heavy sometimes, and much colder than it should be in august. More like november! At noon yesterday it was only 10,7 C outside. It should be at lest 20. Preferably 25. And we have no lukewarm evenings where we can sit outdoors enjoying life.
          And the wind! Quite breathtaking sometimes – literally speaking. Areas have been flooded even.

          No it’s not a nice cosy summer rain where you can sit comfortable in the glassroom and feel good about yourself.
          But you smile for a while when the sun actually is shining – even though it starts to rain soon agan! We won’t dry out, that’s for sure.
          And I haven’t been able to make any longer biking tours for three weeks now, due to the weather. 😦

          But on the whole you’re right! We people tend to complain too much about what is or what isn’t instead of being happy about what we actually have.

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          1. ahhh… so true so true – we humans tend to –
            “complain too much about what is or what isn’t instead of being happy about what we actually have”


          2. Yes! So it is! I totally agree, and would love to be able to just live in the moment more than I do, and enjoy that.


  4. Hey Ninna – I am so glad you decided to add a few more pictures to this post – they work so well together r- especially 1 and 3 – but the second one highlights architectural art and fits right in. I also love the description you gave – because it helped me to see what you saw in the photo and that added so much. and cool bridge.


    1. Thank you! I was just strolling along with the camera that day and clic click click… without any preset thoughts about what to do with them later


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