ice2Ice in the middle of the summer? No, not really. I live in Sweden, in the northern hemisphere so there are no ice in the summer. But I was browsing iPhoto looking for some inspirating old picture, and couldn’t resist this one.
And off course I couldn’t resist playing around in Photoshop with it. Would I be me and myself otherwise?

For a long time I couldn’t choose between this one with a more grayish tone, and another one where the sky has a more intense blue color. But finally I chose this one. It has some kind of infinity I think. Yes! I have a couple of more or less different sketches. It’s always going that way when I’m making a picture…
And today I started out turning the original photo in to black ‘n white. Well well! Look what happened to that!

And about the ice? Well this photo I took in february 26th 2012. It was still an unusually cold winter here in south of Sweden, and the sea and the wind had broken up the ice. And all winters isn’t getting this cold, that there’s ice on the sea. At least not this much!

Weekly photo Challenge: Texture


23 thoughts on “Mid Summer Ice

    1. You’re welcome!
      I have! I am visiting you once in a while! I’m following you!
      I hope you’ll like what I do and come back here once in a while!
      Have a nice day!

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  1. This one got an “oh WOW” gasp out of me. The lighting is exquisite; and I thought it was some kind of extraordinary sea foam till I read your notes 🙂


    1. Thank you Sammy!
      I had actually how cold it was that winter, and how much snow that fell. When I looked really close at the original picture, it showed ice far out. There’s land only tho the right in the picture. The darkest dot there.
      And on the left, there’s land far away where you can see the darker blue.
      But straight out, there is normally just the open ocean.
      The sun stands still quite low over the horizon in february, therefore the long hard shadows.


      1. Yes I went back to look again to see all that you are saying. I am SO NOT looking forward to winter and darkness again, but trying very hard to stay in August and enjoy what we have right now.


        1. You did! 😮
          Well, it isn’t quite as obvious in my picture as in the original, but the white in the middle is ice!!!! That’s for sure! And after this I just have to find a photo that really shows summer. XD

          True! One really has to take every possible moment to enjoy summer while it’s still here. ^^*
          Have a nice day! ❤


    1. Thanks! And for the compliment! 😉
      I was actually pondering about posting some of my tree pictures… hmm…
      You have some really nice tree pictures over there


  2. great shot of the ice = and again I enjoyed the thoughts you give about selecting it and editing it. anyhow, when you stare at the photo it kind of looks like clouds – or even sea foam (part of it) but it is a cool shot of ice – and I like the edits.


    1. Yes! In a way it does look like sea foam. But you know, when it starts to get warmer at the end of winter, the sun shines, the ice starts to crack and move, breaks, and it freezes as soon as the sun disappears – ice can be kind of “fluffy”. Porous!


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