Hot town – summer in the city

strand-1So what do you do when it’s a hot in the city?
Well! You join the crowd at the beach!
What beach?
Any beach! – And you just bike and walk until you reach the sand… and the water…
Just beyond… over there!

… but actually! I’m so glad it’s started getting cooler today. With rain and thunder.
Now I can breathe again…
… and think again…
… and do something else but waiting for the weather to cool off…
I might even be able to sleep again…. XD

And off course! This one has to be here…. (I like the pictures in this video…)
(I have a small Apple…)


8 thoughts on “Hot town – summer in the city

  1. Martha Kennedy 27 Jul 2014 — 10:43 PM

    I love this song — my parents didn’t let me buy records, but they did let me buy the sheet music! 🙂


    1. Luckily when you’re grown up you can listen to – and buy – any music you like.
      In a way that goes for me too. I discovered lots of music long after I was a teenager.


  2. 27 Jul 2014 — 10:55 PM

    Fresh new look AGAIN Ms. Creativity! I would like to bake on a beach ( any beach) for one full day! Ambien works for me sometimes…


    1. You’re so sweet! >:D

      Well! It was TOO hot and TOO crowded for my taste that sunday. I’m an introvert loner, you know! HAHAHAHA!
      (Not totally though!)

      Yesterday it came thunder and quite heavy rain, so today the humidity + the warmth almost killed me!
      (Not quite though!)

      NOW, it’s nice in my glass-room, the time is twenty to 9 PM and no sun is shining on me.


      1. 28 Jul 2014 — 9:02 PM

        Yes we had rain all day today. I miss the sun. ☀


        1. It will come back! Only having a short break!


          1. 29 Jul 2014 — 10:00 AM

            Here in the NL it’s predicted to continue for a few days which means I miss my bike 🚲🚲🚲🚲


          2. Today – at last – it’s all gray and it might start to rain. Hopefully not in the afternoon since I want to take a bike ride then. It has been too warm lately for any kind of physical exercise.


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