… to make decent photos of my ice creams  (Ice cream, you scream!) What I’ve learnt, among other things, is that I’m not a good food photographer. But you can’t get it all, can you?

At least I didn’t take a shot under my red parasol this time. And I hurried as fast as I could, before it started to melt. I almost got that part.
And by the way! It actually isn’t ice cream. It’s sorbet. With no sugar and no fat and no extra liquid added. Only pieces of fruit, icy fruit, mixed together.

This time I only used one big banana, and one serving of mixed pieces of pineapple, papaya and mango. I think it is 150 grams in those portion bags, and I find it in the freezer in one of my stores I buy food from.
In beforehand I cut the banana in small pieces and put them into the freezer. The keyword is deep frozen and icy cold.

I let the pineapple, mango and papaya-mix defrost just a little-bitty bit, and then I mix all the fruit together in a blender until I get a smooth “paste”. That’s made in a jiffy!
It’s essential, I’ve noticed, that you take the banana pieces straight out from the freezer. That seems to be what makes the sorbet creamy. Otherwise I only get a smoothie! (Not bad… just not intended!)

Decide in beforehand if you want to blend anything in the sorbet after mixing the fruit. Today I chose walnuts and goji berries. Blend it in quickly and then start eat immediately! It’s melting pretty fast.

If you’re eating all of this by yourself – which is easily done – you won’t be able to finish it before it have gone into a non-ice cream-state. But who cares!
It’s kind of the essence of this delicious treat! The gooey softness.



28 thoughts on “Still trying…

  1. mmmmm – and I was laughing at this “If you’re eating all of this by yourself – which is easily done –…” ha!

    anyhow, I just came to leave you a message – because even though I am not going to post on my blog until Labor Day – In august I am going to check my favorite blogs via my phone – and well, I will looking forward to catching up on your blog then – and also art ninja – thanks for the super nice comment you left me my blog ❤ ❤ so nice! and when i was drafting my one year anniversary post I actually had a shout out to you and K – because I met the two of you on Vass's blog and you are special for a few reasons – anyhow, I ran out of time to finish my one year ann. post and rather then rush it – I just had to pause it for now..

    anyhow, be dropping by in August –


    1. OH! How nice of you to drop by and also give me a comment! I thought I wouldn’t be seeing you for ever and I missed you already!
      I won’t make a total blogstop like you, but I intend to lie low. Prioritize the summer, the biking tours and other summer issues. Hopefully take a lot of pictures!
      And I have absolutely no idea where I have hidden my “real” camera.
      You say I’m special (?), I refer to myself as a bit odd. And absentminded…
      Still! Have a wonderful summer, and Thank You – for everything!


  2. una mas thing

    I really like your food shot here – the yellow plate adds nice contrast to the colors of the fruit – pops – and I can feel the little texture of the nuts – and the sorbet just looks so good – and I need some of those walnuts right now!! also, the weathered border is kinda cool too –

    ❤ see you next month art ninja –


    1. Den var helt ljuvlig! Betydligt bättre än de man kan köpa i butik.
      Man kan mixa frusen banan med kakao också…. XD


          1. Don’t say sorry! It’s a good thing! I learn new words and expressions that way. I didn’t mean to complain! Rather say: Thank you! XD


          2. Automatic responses. Know about those. F.ex. Someone asks: How are you? And you might be ill, having the worst migraine or something else nasty – but still you answer: I’m fine, thank you!


          3. Yup… Have you ever tried to say… “Well actually…” And say how you are really feeling. Often the automatic response is “that’s nice”. And you are like what? Funny how we tune out sometimes.


          4. Well brought up maybe? At first one says nice or fine, but seconds after maybe: “No! I actually have got the flu!” Or something. All due to Pavlovs automatic response. HA!


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