I live in a small world

bron1I dont hang around very much.
I don’t travel, and parties I seldom attend.
I don’t run around in the city and don’t at the shopping mall
I feel that would be too much to blend

well sometimes I do, have done, and will – yes all this above

I prefer the woods and the silent paths,
and at times I prefer being solely alone…

Off course I don’t wanna be alone all the time!
And I live in a city filled with people and jam!
I have work and friends, yes I have all of that
And I blog.
Two of my own and one that I master…
I can master that…

That’s also a way to belong…

bron2Too much loneliness would make me sick.
Depressed and lonesome, would go under in a “click” losing my go, losing my mind
concentration ability would go blind

So that wouldn’t be a good idea…

But when things have been rough as they sometimes do.
With many people around and noises pounding on me too
then I desperately need some time off,
off and alone in my solitude blue

Silence… Pure silence…
There and then I go
into my mind and just
get rid of all ado…

I’m an introvert adhd-aspie with no intention of denying neither that fact nor myself and I’m awfully good just the way I am.

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