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The most delicious chocolate ice-cream

At least I thought so while eating it. Then I thought I would make a blog-entrance about it and started editing the photo I luckily had taken before I munched the ice-cream.

Suddenly it didn’t look like the most delicious chocolate ice-cream at all! In this orange-red china bowl… placed on the small table in my glass room under a bright red parasol… It didn’t look tasty at all, despite the fact it DID taste like chocolate heaven! I tried photoshop elements to make the picture look good… I tried pixlr.com… the ice-cream looked either too red or too dark or too unnatural … *sigh…*

But before I gave this editing-thing up, I tried a photo editing program I haven’t used so much. Yet! Fotor!
And the result came out quite good! At least I think so.
You could eat this? Couldn’t you? No!!!!??? Yes?!?!??!!!?

chocolate icecream

Chocolate Ice cream natural stile without any added sugar at all!

Mix together…

  • 1 banana – earlier cut it in pieces directly into a bowl, then put in the freezer until every piece is frozen and still ice cold and hard… and…
  • 1 serving mixed frozen fruit (100 – 150 grams) – pineapple, mango and papaya – just barely unfrozen … and…
  • cocoa-powder – a couple of teaspoons of as dark as possible. I guess any kind of dark cocoa will do. I take what I have at home…
  • some cinnamon (optional) (I like it) (or why not some chili) (or ginger…)
  • nuts and seeds – one handful – I used today a mix of pumpkin- and sesame seeds. Choose your favorites

Try to mix this together as immediate as possible – yes the banana must still be frozen and the other fruit ice-cold – and it doesn’t matter if there are tiny pieces of fruit or nuts left. Besides that you’ll get a smooth but not too smooth ice-cream that tastes marvelous! You can easily eat all by yourself immediately. But it will be enough for sharing… hmmm…