Sometimes there comes… some extra heavy ones…


It was last thursday after all the meetings.
I was walking home with my bike. Nice and cool! Thought I needed the air and the walk. There had been so many chairs to sit in this day!
I saw the dark clouds. Took some photos. Enjoyed the situation… the fascination… the beauty…
So what if it started to rain! I had an umbrella… I always have an umbrella!

Suddenly I realized I didn’t have any umbrella. On the other hand I had the iPad in my handbag which was a little bit to small to zip up. When the iPad is in it, that is.
Guess who suddenly got in a great hurry!
Yes! Yours truly!

I threw myself upon the saddle on my iron horse, and trotted home as fast as I could. And I made it!
Just a couple of minutes later the rain was trowing itself down to earth.
And on my windows…
and on the roof of my glass room…

Where I was sitting enjoying the orchestra.