The East bank

Today and yesterday I’ve spent some good hours reorganizing my photos. When I’m finished I might even find what I look for. Yes! I am an optimist!

The first task, which I have finished now, was to sort them out per month. Photo stream may 2014; photo stream april 2014 and so on. I had this idea at the beginning a couple of years ago, to sort them in different themes or topics. But pretty soon that freaked out. So what I had to do now, was first to separate them time wise in the folders, and then put them together monthly instead. In new folders.
Luckily, except for a few, I have only pictures  from summer 2007 and newer, on my Mac.

Well! I am a bit of a freak, I know! But I do find such tasks to be quite amusing to deal with! Actually, I’ve difficulties to drag myself from the desk and the computer to grab a bite or take a walk or something. Like visiting a friend . Which I managed to do today, after all.

This picture below isn’t old. I took it just a couple of weeks ago, and suddenly when I sat here browsing the city pictures, I thought this one was quite beautiful. I wish it had been a day with more sunshine, though, but you can’t get it all, can you?

But since then, day by day, there are more and more boats getting anchored in the marina – which is far bigger then this picture might indicate.

east bank

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