Out on a limb

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…

Yesterday I was working on my new presentation card and a 4-page presentation flyer (in size A5). It’s fun! I like doing these things! But it also takes some time to work them out. I want them to be good, stunning, AMAZING! I want them to stand out and impress on people. After all! This is one of the things I’m supposed to do! Making presentation cards and flyers – any size – for people! And if my own isn’t nice and appealing, so…
And today, this morning, I was about to attend a meeting and perhaps give some of my presentation cards away. (My babies, oh my babies…) So I really had to get the work done.

flyer1I started with the flyer. Used my old template but changed a lot. Another picture of me, the logos, placed the texts otherwise. I liked it. I felt satisfied! So I printed out one flyer,  to see how it would work in real life, all four pages of them! (Actually two pages A4)

My printer made shadows on the inside pages of the flyer. Not nice at all… Guess I have to clean it or something, but how do I clean a laser printer?

I turned the procedure around.
I thought, since it was page two that got a bit messed up with shadowish words, perhaps it had something to do with the heat while printing, and there had been no time for cooling down before I printed the other side of the paper.
Or something…

Now I printed page two first, waited a while and then printed page one on the backside.. ehh… frontside.
Well! Yes and no! There were some faint blurry shadows on the front, but this time it didn’t matter since I had my picture there, and this picture is like if it has been drawn with a pencil. So it became quite good instead!
Untitled2Smart thinking AND a little bit of luck! Wasn’t there?

After a nice dinner I started with the small presentation cards… and made them… and made them… and made them….
and it was almost midnight until I was done with them. But they became GOOD! (After many flaws…) By the way! I just had to shake the toner container for a while, then the printer acted as good as new…

Today! It was a good meeting in many ways, but not the time for individuals like me to give away any presentation cards. But it could have been, and I was prepared. And after all – I already have my place in this upcoming company.

A very nice thing: one of the elder mentors of our group said to me: “If I still had my business running I would have hired you immediately!” That remark felt really good!