Spring as it can be!


I’m visiting my best friends. The sky is crisp blue, the grass is green and filled with fresh fragrance. The air is a bit nippy but the sun makes it feel like summer.
T has just been cutting the lawn.

C_FotorC is busy! She’s planting the geraniums from last year. They have spent the winter in the garage, seemed to be dead a couple of weeks ago, but after some watering and more light they started to grow again. Now they need new soil and more warmth and light.

We are eating apples and watch the almost nude apples trees. They were cut back quite a lot just a fortnight ago, but now they have started to show something — leaf-ish.
We’re pondering about whether it will be any apples on those trees this year or not.

We hope it will be a nice summer.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring