Offcourse it should be a red one!


My new companion, bought this afternoon.

I also got a nice black basket on the front. You can see the black holder where it a couple of minutes later was attached.
OH! She’s a beauty!

But I haven’t done any tour on it yet. I came home late, was hungry and had dinner, and there and then it started to rain. Heavily! And it still pours down.
Quite a homey feeling, actually, the rain rattling on the glass roof of my porch.

And what about the inside-issue here, you might think?
It’s what a good bicycle means to me, the feeling I get inside! I’m happy for this!
I have always loved biking and can now make tours without being afraid my bike will fall apart underneath me. Yes! That one, the old one, was a really bad second-hand buy.
This one is totally, completely new!

To have a GOOD bike also means that I’ll work out in a much funnier way and therefore loose some weight as well. In other words – sometime in october november, I’ll be a new, better, healthier me!

I love the thought of that…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

By the way! Why isn’t there any suggestions to us photographer, poets et cetera on the Daily Prompts? Aren’t we allowed to participate there any longer? Must we only write stories about this or that!

You see! I don’t want to write storys! I haven’t got the time for that! That is… I would love to write stories, but I can’t now when I’m creating home pages and stuff to other people and have DEADLINES!

And! More important! I don’t want to write about negative issues (like today). I don’t even want my thoughts to dwell around negative issues! (hear hear)
So I stick to the Weekly Photo Challenge and try to make the best of that.
And that’s good enough for me.

P.S. I have the bike inside my flat now, in the hall, can smell the new rubber wheels…

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