January, february…


It should be like this now! It’s the beginning of february, and an old name for february is “the winter month”. The coldest month. The month with the most snow.
But no! Not this year. The snow is vanishing, it started getting warmer a week ago, and today it has been raining all day, as well as yesterday.
And I don’t mind! Not at all! It’s much easier this way, without snow and ice. You can walk and bike, without any risks of falling. And you don’t have to be boundled up like an Eskimo.

Instead, this photo I took a couple of years ago when I visited a place some 600-700 km further north here in Sweden. That winter, there and then, was amazing. Very cold, but also very beautiful and very wonderful. 

That kind of winter I can love. That’s a kind of free falling…