In this picture, I started out thinking of “close up and far away”, but soon realized it was more to it. The trees with its branches are twisting and curling, while the background is a simple, almost one-lined skyline.
Therefore I chose this frame, which takes shape after whats in the picture, and a filter that enhance these wrinkly shapes. And I chose this curly font for the same reason.

There is yet another meaning of juxtaposition in this, though it isn’t quite as obvious. At least if you never have been here, or recognize it in some other way.
There are two countries meeting here. The trees grow in Sweden, and the skyline is Denmark. In between – a strait.

The thing in the skyline that looks like a castle – is a castle. An old one. From the 1420s.  And HERE you can read more about it if you want.
And for you who knows about Hamlet – Yes! It is! Elsinore castle.

800px-Helsingor_KronborgAnd this picture is from Wikipedia.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

juxtaposition is “the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast” – and – “a juxtaposition doesn’t have to be serious”.