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Joy – Supper in red


Many things can be joyful. I have seen a lot of pictures around the blogosphere with laughing people, they play, they enjoy each others company, they communicate in a lot af ways. There are so many wonderful pictures.

My first thought about Joy didn’t however include people. I thought of the wonderful feeling when God is totally present in my heart and soul. That almost overwelming feeling of Joy, Comfort and Happiness. It’s like you’re going to burst! You’re totally filled with Love. It almost feels like you’re glowing.
But how should I, how could I, express that feeling in a picture?

However! There are so many little things in life that also are filled with Joy, and also has a divine touch. A peaceful evening. Some lit candles. A good book. Something simple but nice to eat. Some soup. A couple of sandwiches. A nice cup of tea….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy