Five items to bring to a deserted island

By the way – do I really know beforehand that I would be abandoned on a deserted island, and therefore be able to prepare myself and pick out 5 necessary items to bring?

Kind of ridiculous! Isn’t it?

Nevertheless, my first thought was: Why is the island deserted?
Is there no people because it’s poisonous in some way? The island itself might be poisoned my some terrible nuclear power plants that have exploded – or for that matter, being attacked with nuclear bombs by enemy forces.
Not much of an island to land on, so I might just as well already be dead.
Would be much better off then.

Or is it maybe inhabited by wild dangerous animals, poisonous spiders and big man-eating serpents? Oh my oh my!!!
Or maybe! Maybe this is the island, where the flame-throwing dragons live!!!
Either way, then I might as well already be dead… et cetera et cetera…

But! Okay! For the sake of it….
Let’s assume I know it beforehand…
Let’s assume I therefore could prepare myself for it…
Let’s assume there’s enough food and water on the island so I wouldn’t bother about that…
Let’s assume it is a fairly warm and comfortable island…
Let’s assume I mustn’t count in the clothes I wear and the glasses on my nose…

SO! Let’s concentrate on the fun stuff!

I guess it would be silly to bring the Mac, the iPad or the iPhone (I would miss them), since there hardly would be any electricity. Not on a deserted island. And without electricity, the batteries soon will die anyway, so it wouldn’t be much of an help to contact the civilisation.

I would bring ONE good friend. R. He is intelligent, funny, lovable, knows lots and lots of stuff, he can talk about all and everything – and he can also remain silent and let things just be. He’s a philosopher in the best of ways. As well as an excellent handy man!

I would bring ONE Big Bag full of matches and lighters. To lit a fire in cold nights. To be able to prepare food, boil the water to get rid of parasites. To scare away wild animals.
And mosquitoes…

I would bring ONE big tarpaulin. To sleep on, or if there after all is no drinkable water – to keep as a combined shelter and to collect water on. Rain or at least the dew during night.

I would bring ONE really good knife. Not to big and not to small. Sharp as a razor blade.
Can’t do outdoor living without a good knife.

I would bring ONE reasonably big carrier bag with books. Stephen Kings story about the Dark Tower (the seven first parts), and the bible. And any other book that I could fit in to the bag.


For goodness sake! If I were about to land on a deserted island and knew about in beforehand, as the WP deviously suggests, why on earth would I be satisfied with only 5 items? I could bring whatever I wanted – or I could chose not to go to the island at all!

If I really was travelling by boat or by airplane and an accident happened that would throw me away to some small lonely island with just a couple of palms and a lot of sand – who on earth would have time to think clearly and collect items that might help me survive on this godforsaken island. (Pioohhh… long sentence…)

Or maybe it isn’t godforsaken after all, this island. It’s maybe just IT!

(If I’ve made terribly lot of mistakes when writing this in english,
I am after all more used to read and write in swedish.)


Daily Prompt: Five Items

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?Photographers, artists, poets: show us NECESSITIES.

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